ecGraph Demos




ecGraph  -  Screen shots,  Code samples

  • Here are some screen shots with code samples of Demo graphs supplied with ecGraph...
  • Each graph image also includes the VB code, to show just how easy it is to implement graphs and charts in your VB projects
  • Click the images to enlarge them and show the VB code that generated each image
  • All the demos shown below are included with ecGraph when you download it, along with the demo VB projects and code for generating them.

Simple "no-frills"

Log scales,
math functions

Time series

Data points

2D Bar Graph,
with colors

Bar Graph, 3D bars,
colors and styles

Multiple 3D Bar Graph,
Text labels

Stacked 3D Bar
Graph, Text labels

Two graphs on
the Page

Two graphs,
transparent plot area

Two y-axes, partial

Multiple x- and

Two data sets, grid
lines, black background

Math function, Points,
with error bars

Tag labels on each
data point

Area Plot

Project1.vbp and Project2.vbp are supplied to show how to use all ecGraph's features...



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