• The download files are demo versions of our software.
  • All downloads are fully functional but may contain a small demo message (these don't appear in the registered versions).
  • To convert the downloads to registered versions, purchase a registration key from us.
  • After downloading...
    • If it is a xxxx-Setup.exe file, first run it to install the software, then access it from the Windows Start | All programs | xxxx menu.
    • If it is a zip file, copy the downloaded file to any folder on your hard disk, and unzip it, then run the executable Setup file.
    • Read the ReadMe.txt file.
    • Try out the VB demo projects, usually called Project1.vbp or something similar.
    • Use the controls in your own programs..



Purchase your registration key safely through PayPal. Once payment clears we will email you a registration key to convert your demo version into a full registered version - this is done manually and it may take a day or so.

Licensing for our ActiveX controls: Only the developer needs a license - one license per developer during design time. Royalty free for distributing compiled applications - you can distribute any number of compiled copies as long as you don't release the source code or registration key.



ecGraph 2.13   -   2D graphing ActiveX control for Visual Basic 6.0 applications


           US$159. Pay safely with PayPal.



ecGraph3D 1.18   -   3D graphing ActiveX control for Visual Basic 6.0 applications


          US$159. Pay safely with PayPal.



If you decide to purchase ecGraph you will be sent an email confirming your payment and including your license code (also called a registration key or Regcode). It will be of the form xxxxx-xx ... xx-xxxxx, and it will be shown in the email with your name, something like this..

   *** Registration Information ***
   Regname: Your Name
   Regcode: xxxxx-xx ... xx-xxxxx

Copy and paste the Regcode into your application exactly as shown, and use it during your project's initialisation (eg. Form_Load) for each ecGraph ActiveX control in your application. This will convert your downloaded demo version into a registered version. For example,

   Private Sub Form_Load()
      Const ecGraphRegcode$ = "xxxxx-xx ... xx-xxxxx" 'for ecGraph
      Const ecGraph3DRegcode$ = "xxxxx-xx ... xx-xxxxx" 'for ecGraph3D
      Call ecGraph1.RegisterecGraph(ecGraphRegcode$) 'for ecGraph
      Call ecGraph3D1.RegisterecGraph3D(ecGraph3DRegcode$) 'for ecGraph3D
   End Sub

We appreciate your business and wish you productive programming with our ActiveX controls. We are always interested to receive feedback on what sort of applications you use our controls for.


  Copyright © 2017, Encore Consulting Pty Ltd.