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ecGraph Demo13.   Time series graph, with axis values as "hh:mm"

  • Time series graph.
  • Showing axes formatted as time using "hh:mm".



The VB code used to generate the above graph...

Public Sub Demo13(ecGraph1 As ecGraph)
  'Time series graph
  'In VB, [Date and Time] is stored as an 8-byte number (like Double). The integer
  'portion is the date, and the fraction portion is the time as a fraction of 24 hours.
  'Midnight is 0 and midday is 0.5; For dates, 0 is 30 Dec 1899.
  'One hour is t=1/24. One minute is t=1/24/60.
  'So t=5/24=0.2083333 is 5:00AM, and t=5/24+14/24/60=0.2180555 is 5:14AM.
  Dim i, t0 As Double, t1 As Double, t As Double
  Dim y1 As Double, y2 As Double, y3 As Double
  With ecGraph1
    Call .Reset 'Always call "Reset" first to clear the page
    'Start a new graph on the page..
    Call .NewGraph("Time series graph")
    Call .PlotAreaColors(vbWhite) 'white plot area
    i = 220: Call .BorderStyle(RGB(i, i, i)) 'light gray border area
    Call .LegendTableStyle(, , 67, 45, , , vbWhite, vbWhite)
    Call .GraphTitleStyle(, "11|bold") 'make the title a bit bigger
    t0 = 9 / 24 '9:00AM
    t1 = 10 / 24 '10:00AM
    'Force the x-axis to show 9AM to 10AM with 6 steps of 10 minutes
    'Show the x-axis labels as Hours:Minutes:Seconds, so that when zooming
    'in you get the seconds display.
    'When ScaleStyle<>3 and TextLabels$<>"", the format string will be used.
    'You could also use "mm:ss" for minutes and seconds only
    Call .AxisScaleStyle(t0, t1, 6, 5, 1, "h:mm") 'could also use "hh:mm:ss"
    'Start three new data sets on the graph..
    Call .NewDataSet("Data 1"): Call .DataLine(, 2): Call .SymbolStyle(0)
    Call .NewDataSet("Data 2"): Call .SymbolStyle(0)
    Call .NewDataSet("Data 3"): Call .SymbolStyle(0)
    Call .AddText("Note x-axis values time-formatted (hh:mm)", 7, 10, 0, "11|bold", vbBlack, 0, True)
    For i = 1 To 90
      t = t0 + i / 24 / 60 'add one minute each loop
      y1 = Sqr(i) - Rnd(i) / 2
      y2 = y1 + 1 + Rnd / 3
      y3 = 3 * i * Exp(-i / 8) + i / 40 + Rnd / 2
      'Call .SetSelectedData(0)
      Call .AddDataPoint(t, y1, 0, 0) 'add y1 to data set 1
      'Call .SetSelectedData(1)
      Call .AddDataPoint(t, y2, 0, 1) 'add y2 to data set 2
      'Call .SetSelectedData(2)
      Call .AddDataPoint(t, y3, 0, 2) 'add y3 to data set 3
      Call .Refresh 'remove this line for "instant draw"
    Next i
    Call .Refresh 'Always end with "Refresh"
  End With
End Sub

  Copyright 2007, Encore Consulting Pty Ltd.