Comminution ... Flowsheet optimisation ... Math modelling ... Data analysis

  Process consulting by Dave Hoyer, Ph.D. Chem Eng.

  • Gain greater insight into your process operations and make them run more efficiently.
  • Optimisation of processes using simulation and analysis.
  • Special expertise in comminution and related systems (crushing, grinding, and separation processes); powder and slurry processing improvements.
  • Help with flowsheet design and analysis to maximise processing efficiency.
  • Visualisation and analysis of large sets of complex multi-dimensional data.
  • Planning, project management and execution of R&D activities.
  • Experimental design, data analysis and data modelling.
  • On- or off-site consulting.
  • Current and recent consulting projects by Dave Hoyer include..
    • Project management, operational experience and control system programming for Benthic Geotech's next-generation Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD): automated sea-bed drilling, coring and in-situ testing to water depth 3000m.
    • Testing and development of the Roche Minerals Contero Mill
    • Consulting for the Ludowici Hicom mill development, and previous extensive R&D contributions to Hicom mill technical papers.
    • Analysis of a significant roof failure event at an Australian coal mine where our Longwall Visual Analysis software is installed.
  • Email: Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



  • Real-time visualisation and analysis of longwall support pressure data for underground coal mines. This comprehensive software package is now commercially available as "Longwall Visual Analysis" through LVA Pty Ltd
  • ActiveX controls for adding 2D an 3D graph plotting to your applications.
  • If you'd like a proposal to develop specific software, or if you want more info on any of the above, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.



We can develop customised mathematical models and flowsheet software to simulate and optimise any flowrate-based process.  We have a high level of expertise in particulate and comminution systems (crushing, grinding and size classification); the simulation methods are readily transferable to any process system of streams of data flowing between multiple interconnected units, where each unit modifies the data in a defined way.

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